Fifth Annual Workshop on Advanced Networking
Pasadena Westin Hotel
191 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA
May 20, 2005, Sponsored by Caltech's Lee Center and Qualcomm
Time Speaker and title --- Click here for Photos from the workshop. Links to papers have been removed to make room for the 2006 workshop.
8:00 Buffet breakfast and registration in the Foyer outside the San Gabriel Ballroom
8:45 Dave Rutledge, Director of the Lee Center, Welcome
8:50 Charles Plott, “Decentralized Organization Operating Under System-Wide Constraints : Automobile Production and CAFE Regulations ”, ppt 670KB, Papers : “Production, Trade and Exchange Rates in Large Experimental Economies ”,(654KB), Noussair, Plott & Riezman; “Tacit Collusion in Auctions and Conditions for Facilitation and Prevention: Equilibrium Selection in Laboratory Experimental Markets ”,(294KB), Li & Plott.
9:10 Brian Rogers (Jackson), “Search and Large Networks: How Random are Socially Generated Networks?”, ppt 2.2MB ; Papers : “The Economics of Small Worlds”,(185KB), Jackson & Rogers; “Search in the Formation of Large Networks: How Random are Socially Generated Networks? ”,(709KB), Jackson & Rogers.
9:30 Kevin Tang (Low), “Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols”, ppt 253KB ; Papers : “Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols”,(476KB), Tang, Wang, Low & Chiang; “Cross-Layer Optimization in TCP/IP networks”,(282KB), Wang, Li, Low & Doyle.
9:50 Yang Xia (Harvey Newman), “State of the Art Developments on Global TCP Networks for High Energy Physics in the LHC Era (Large Hadron Collider)”, ppt 5.7MB; Papers : “A practical approach to TCP high speed WAN data transfers ”,(724KB), Ravot, Xia, Nae, Su, Newman, Bunn & Martin.
10:10 Stephen Prajna (John Doyle), “Formal Verification Using Convex Optimization”, pdf 462KB ; Papers: “A First-Principles Approach to Understanding the Internet's Router-level Topology”,(1.5MB), Li, Alderson, Willinger & Doyle; “Methodological Frameworks for Large-scale Network Analysis and Design” ,(828KB), Papachristodoulou, Li & Doyle; “Primal-Dual Tests for Safety and Reachability”,(225KB), Prajna Li & Anders Rantzer.
10:30 Break in the foyer adjacent to the Fountain Ballroom
11:00 P.P. Vaidyanathan, Caltech, “Signal Processing Problems in Genomics” (Invited), pdf 1MB .
11:30 Tracey Ho, Bell Laboratories, “Distributed Asynchronous/Online Network Coding Algorithms for Multicast and Non-Multicast” (Invited), pdf 141KB.
12:00 Buffet lunch on the terrace outside the Fountain Ballroom
1:30 Jonathan Lurie (Chandy), “The Event Web” ; Papers : “Efficient Algorithms for Data Fusion in Sensor Networks ”,(175KB), Chandy, & Zimmerman; “Stream Processing Algorithms that Model Behavior Change” ,(465KB), Capponi & Chandy.
1:50 Cristian Tapus (Hickey), “Speculative Execution Support in Linux”, pdf 333KB ; Papers : “A Formal Model for Distributed Speculative Execution”,(181KB), Tapus & Hickey; “Distributed Synchronization with Shared Semaphore Sets”,(94KB), Tapus & Hickey.
2:10 Radhika Gowaikar (Hassibi),“Communication over a Random Wireless Network” pdf 106KB ; Papers : “An Achievability Result for Random Networks ”,(112KB), Gowaikar, Hochwald & Hassibi; “A Delay Analysis of Opportunistic Scheduling in Broadcast Fading Channels”,(190KB), Sharif & Hassibi.
2:30 Alex Sprintson (Bruck), “The Encoding Complexity of Network Coding”, (ppt 871KB ); Papers : “The Encoding Complexity of Network Coding”,(282KB), Langberg, Sprintson & Bruck; “Localization and Routing in Sensor Networks by Local Angle Information” ,(287KB), Bruck, Gao & Jiang.
2:50 Break in the foyer adjacent to the Fountain Ballroom
3:20 Sid Jaggi (Effros), “Correction of Adversarial Errors in Networks” ppt 5.6MB ; Papers : “Source Coding for a Relay Network”,(88KB), Gu & Effros; “Correction of Adversarial Errors in Networks”,(180KB), Jaggi, Langberg, Ho & Effros.
3:40 Mostafa El-Khamy (McEliece),“The Multiuser Error Probablility of MDS Codes”, pdf 360KB; Papers : “The Partition Weight Enumerator of MDS Codes and its Applications”,(114KB), El-Khamy & McEliece; “Bounds on the Average Binary Minimum Distance and the Maximum Likelihood Performance of Reed Solomon Codes”,(161KB), El-Khamy & McEliece.
4:00 Abbas Komijani (Hajimiri),“A 24GHz Phased-Array Transmitter in 0.18 μm CMOS”, pdf 2.7MB ; Papers : “A 24GHz, +14.5dBm Fully-Integrated Power Amplifier in 0.18mM CMOS ”,(645KB), Komijani & Hajimiri; “Nonlinear Transmission Lines for Pulse Shaping in Silicon”,(893KB), Afshari & Hajimiri.
4:20 Feiyu Wang (Rutledge),“Bifurcation Stability Analysis of Wireless Transmitters”,ppt 924KB; Papers : “A 60-W L-Band Class-E/Fodd,2 LDMOS Power Amplifier Using Compact Multilayered Baluns”,(127KB), Wang & Rutledge; “Bifurcation Analysis of Stabilization Circuits in an L-Band LDMOS 60-W Power Amplifier”,(131KB), Wang, Suarez & Rutledge.
4:40 Hossein Roksari (Vahala), “Radiation-Pressure-Driven Micro-Mechanical Oscillator”, pdf 421KB ; Papers : “Ultralow Loss, High Q, Four Port Resonant Couplers for Quantum Optics and Photonics”,(181KB), Rokhsari & Vahala; “Radiation-Pressure-Driven Micro-Mechanical Oscillator”,(398KB), Rokhsari, Kippenberg, Carmon & Vahala, “Kerr-Nonlinearity Optical Parametric Oscillation in an Ultrahigh-Q Toroid Microcavity ”,(235KB), Kippenberg, Spillane & Vahala,“Replica-molded high-Q polymer microresonators ”,(619KB), Martin, Armani, Yang & Vahala.