Lee Center for Advanced Networking
Selected Publications

“State-Space Solutions to Standard H2 and H∞ Optimal Control Problems,” J. C. Doyle, K. Glover, P. Khargonekar, and B. Francis, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, August 1989. IEEE Baker Prize and T-AC Axelby Winner, and ranked in the top 10 “most important” papers world-wide in pure and applied mathematics from 1981 to 1993. Doyle has won the Axelby Award twice.

“Power Laws, Highly Optimized Tolerance, and Generalized Source Coding,” J. C. Doyle and J. M. Carlson, Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 84, p. 5356, 2000.

“Heavy Tails, Generalized Coding, and Optimal
Web Layout,” X. Zhu, J. Yu, and J. C. Doyle, IEEE Infocomm, 2001.

“Complexity and Robustness,” J. M. Carlson and
J. C. Doyle, PNAS, 2002.

“Reverse Engineering of Biological Complexity,”
M. E. Csete and J. C. Doyle, Science, 2002.

“Dynamics of TCP/RED and a Scalable Control,”
S. H. Low, F. Paganini, J. Wang, S. Adlakha and
J. C. Doyle, IEEE Infocom, 2002.