Seventh Annual Workshop on Advanced Networking
Pasadena Westin Hotel
191 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA
May 25, 2007, Sponsored by Caltech's Lee Center and Qualcomm
Papers and Talks can be found here.
Time Speaker and title
8:00 Buffet breakfast and registration in the Foyer outside the Fountain Ballrooms 3&4
8:40 Kerry Vahala , Director of the Lee Center, Welcome
8:45 Yuval Cassuto (Bruck), “ Coding for denser and faster Flash memories”
9:05 Mayank Bakshi (Effros), “ Bits and Pieces, A Decomposition-Based Approach to Network Coding ”.
9:25 Lun Li (John Doyle), “Topologies of Complex Network Functions and Structures ”.
9:45 Michel Charpentier, visiting Professor, University of New Hampshire (Chandy), “ Distributed Systems as Networks of Goal-Driven Agents ”.
10:15 Break in the foyer adjacent to the Fountain Ballroom
10:40 Charles Fan ,(Plenary Talk) EMC , “Networked Information Service
11:20 Thomas Koch ,(Plenary Talk) “ Trends in Photonic Integration”.
12:00 Buffet lunch on the terrace outside the Fountain Ballroom
1:30 Aydin Babakhani (Hajimiri),“Near-Field Modulated Systems with Applications in Highly-Secured Communication ”.
1:50 Tal Carmon (Vahala), “ An Opto-Mechanical Microwave-Rate Oscillator ”.
2:10 Sormeh Shadbakht (Hassibi),“Entropy Vectors and Network Information Theory” .
2:30 Edwin Soedarmardji (McEliece),“Optimal Worst-Case QoS Routing in Constrained AWGN Channel Network ”.
2:50 Break in the foyer adjacent to the Fountain Ballroom
3:20 David Wei (Low), “ Microscopic Effects of Internet Congestion Control ”.
3:40 David Noblet (Hickey), “FixD: Fault Detection, Bug Reporting, and Recoverability for Distributed Applications”.
4:00 Michael Alton, (Plott) , “ Equilibration and Convergence in Experimental, Continuous, Random Arrival Markets ”.
4:20 Tao Cui, ( Ho) , “ Exploit Broadcast Advantage in Wireless Networks ”.