toroid medley

Ninth Annual Workshop on Advanced Networking
Pasadena Westin Hotel

191 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101
Friday, May 22, 2009
Sponsored by Caltech's
Lee Center and Qualcomm

Student Posters
  Student Poster Session in Fountain 2, with Coffee in the foyer
PDF Formal Verification of Distributed Algorithms ,” K. Mani Chandy, Brian Go, Sayan Mitra, Jerome White
PDF Verification of Mobile Agents over Wireless Networks, ” C. Pilotto
PDF On Networks with Side Information , ” A. Cohen, S. Avestimehr and M. Effros.
PDF On the Capacity of Bounded Rank Modulation for Flash Memories , ” Z. Wang, A. Jiang, J. Bruck.
PDF A Unified Approach for Wireless Resource Allocation Problems , ” R. Gopalakrishnan and A. Wierman.
PDF Distributed Storage Allocation Problems , ” D. Leong, A.G. Dimakis, T. Ho.
PDF Storage Coding for Wear Leveling in Flash Memories , ” A. Jiang, R. Mateescu, E. Yaakobi, J. Bruck, P.H. Siegel, A. Vardy, J.K. Wolf.
PDF Fabrication optimization to enhance micro-resonator yield , ” H. Lee and K. Vahala.
PDF Heavy-traffic Analysis of Mean Response Time Under SRPT , ” M. Lin, A. Wierman and B. Zwart.